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Job opportunities

We offer real estate agent positions to candidates with or without experience.
To the real estate agents with experience we offer:

  • One of the best known and appreciated international network in the real estate landscape;
  • A dynamic collaborative and motivating working environment, in a prestigious and functional office of over 400 square meters;
  • An ongoing professional training managed by Coldwell Banker University;
  • All the necessary support with dedicated services, thanks to the synergy with renowned professionals, such as lawyers, architects, engineers, credit consultants, etc., to make the professional real estate agent's activities the most peaceful and fruitful as possible;
  • Self-management;
  • Sponsorship of activities and marketing;
  • Economic conditions to the highest levels of the market.

To the candidates with no specific experience in the field we offer everything specified above as well as a theoretical and practical training trough the coaching of professional tutors.
For both profiles, we require team player candidates with entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism.

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